Fare Hold

Hold your fare now, then come back to pay for it later.

Need some time to get things sorted before firming up your travel plans? Fare Hold gives you the opportunity to reserve fares for your selected itinerary at the displayed price for up to 3 days in exchange for a fee. Fare Hold gives you time to free up funds, or confirm travel and accommodation details with your travel companions, without having to worry whether the fares might go up in price!

Once you've paid the Fare Hold fee, you'll have 3 days to confirm your booking by paying for your fares in full. If you decide that you no longer want those flights, simply do nothing and they will cancel automatically.

Please note: the Fare Hold fee is not refundable (except in the case of fares to or from the US - see clause 7 of our terms and conditions below), it is not deducted from the final cost of your ticket, nor is it refunded if you elect not to proceed with the purchase of your fares.

Fare Hold process

  1. Choose your flights on the Air New Zealand website.
  2. If your itinerary is eligible for Fare Hold a "Hold this fare" button will appear at the bottom of the "Select your flights" screen. Select this to hold your fares.
  3. Complete a few details on the Fare Hold page and pay the Fare Hold fee.
  4. We'll send you a Fare Hold confirmation email, which will include a booking reference and a link back to your booking.
  5. We'll hold your itinerary for you (at the same price) for 3 days.
  6. Click on the link in your confirmation email to return to your booking, fill in the passenger details and pay for your flights within the 3 day period. If you no longer want to complete your booking, you can simply let your booking lapse.

Note: The Fare Hold fee is per booking. The fee does not vary with the number of passengers in your booking.

Terms and conditions

  1. Fare Hold is only available for certain Air New Zealand operated flights booked online on the Air New Zealand website and booked more than 21 days prior to the intended date of travel. Whether Fare Hold is available for your itinerary will depend on your travel dates, fare conditions and itinerary.

  2. Fare Hold is not available to reserve fares:
    • that require or contain a promo code and are Domestic, Tasman or Pacific Island fares.

  3. Once you have paid the Fare Hold fee, your selected fares and prepaid baggage (the Reserved Fares) will be reserved for the flight, date, price and number of passengers you have selected. You cannot change these details after you've paid the Fare Hold Fee.

  4. The Reserved Fares will be held for you from the time you pay the Fee and shall expire at 11:59pm: (i) NZST - where booked through the airnewzealand.co.nz website; (ii) AEST - where booked through the airnewzealand.com.au website; (iii) PST - where booked through the airnewzealand.com or airnewzealand.ca websites; (iv) TAHT - where booked through the airnewzealand.pf website; (v) JST - where booked through the airnewzealand.co.jp website; (vi) HKT - where booked through the airnewzealand.com.hk website; (vii) CNSF - where booked through the airnewzealand.com.cn website; (viii) GMT - where booked through the airnewzealand.co.uk website; and (ix) SGT - where booked through the airnewzealand.com.sg website; and (x) TST - where booked through the airnewzealand.com.tw website, in each case three (3) calendar days following the date that you pay the Fee (the Reserved Period). If you do not return to pay for the Reserved Fares in full before the expiry of the Reserved Period, your booking will be cancelled.

  5. Reserved Fares will be held for you for the Reserved Period. At any time during the Reserved Period you can confirm and pay for your booking by; (i) the link provided in Fare Hold confirmation email; (ii) retrieving your booking on your signed Air New Zealand account; (iii) retrieving your booking from "Manage Bookings" section on the Air New Zealand website.

  6. Reserved Fares cannot be changed during the Reserved Period. If you need to change your Reserved Fares, you will need to cancel your booking (or let it lapse) and make a new booking. The Fare Hold fee is not refundable.

  7. For Reserved Fares to or from the United States, the Fare Hold fee is refundable if you elect to cancel the Reserved Fares within 24 hours from the time you pay the Fare Hold fee. After that 24 hour period, the Fare Hold fee is not refundable, even if you cancel the Reserved Fares. In order to cancel the Reserved Fare within 24 hours and have your Fare Hold fee refund processed, please call Air New Zealand with your booking reference.