Excess baggage

If you have extra bags, heavy or large items, you may need to pay additional fees. With a little preparation, there are ways you can save.

Smart ways to save on excess baggage fees

Excess baggage fees apply when you need to check in more than your baggage allowance. That might be too many bags, or items that are too big or too heavy.

Here are some handy tips to help you save on excess fees

Excess baggage fees

Sometimes there's just no way around excess baggage fees. If you have lots of bags, or very big or heavy items, you can find out how much you're likely to pay at the airport on our fees page.

Even with fees, checking-in your items is still one of the cheapest ways to bring all your gear with you when you travel.

When would I have to pay excess baggage fees?

There are three types of excess baggage that attract fees.

  • Extra bags or items not already covered by your baggage allowance
  • Any item that weighs over 23kg (50lb) and under 32kg (70lb)
  • Any item that's larger than our size limits

If your bag weighs more than 32kg (70lb), you may be able to send it as unaccompanied baggage on international flights departing from Wellington and Christchurch.

Fees apply to each oversize item, in addition to any extra bag fees. Good news: an item that's both heavy and large only pays one oversize fee.

If you're changing airlines on your journey, you'll need to pay additional excess baggage fees at each changeover point.