Keeping your account safe

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

When you sign into your account on the Air New Zealand website or on the Airpoints Store™, you usually prove who you are by providing a username and password.

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to the sign-in process. Before you can finish logging into your account, you'll need to enter your password plus a unique verification code to prove it's really you.

Combining your password with a verification code makes it harder for someone other than you to access your account. It keeps your personal data safe and helps us protect your account against fraudulent activities.

How Air New Zealand uses multi-factor authentication 

We'll occasionally require multi-factor authentication when you're signing into your account on the Air New Zealand website or on the Airpoints Store™. When we do, we'll send a six-digit verification code as a text message to the mobile phone number or email address registered in your online account profile.

It's important to keep your contact information up to date to be able to receive your code.

The verification code is valid for a few minutes. If it expires before you enter it or you didn't receive the code, you can try again by requesting the verification to be resent up to two times.

If the verification code is not entered correctly when prompted, you won't be able to access certain parts of the website. After five incorrect attempts, your account will be temporarily suspended.

Important things to know

If you unexpectedly receive a text verification code

If you receive a verification code from Air New Zealand that you did not request, your account is still secure but it could mean someone is trying to log into it.

We recommend changing your password as soon as possible and choosing a stronger passphrase, even if you may have done this recently. If you use the same email and password combination elsewhere, it's a good idea to check those accounts and update those passwords too. Remember, always use unique passwords or passphrases for online sites and services to keep them safe.

Air New Zealand will never ask you to disclose your password, except when you are logging into your account. If you have questions or have concerns regarding the security of your account, visit our Help & Customer Support page.

Common questions

I haven't received the verification code

  • Please be patient, in some cases it might take up to one minute to receive the code
  • Ensure the mobile number and email address in your online account profile is correct
  • Check if you're blocking phone number 737; if so, unblock it and try again
  • Check if you're able to receive text messages from another mobile phone number
  • Check your email spam folders

The verification code I received doesn't work and my online account is now suspended for 10 minutes

  • Please wait for 10 minutes and try again
  • Ensure you're typing the correct six-digit number

How do I update my contact information if I'm stuck?

Call us 24/7 on 0800 737 000, or if you're calling from outside of New Zealand, find your nearest contact centre number here.